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VDm 08.02.2014, 23:16
С продукцией Microsoft связываться не будем. У них лицензии запрещают распространение.
mcnelly 17.02.2014, 16:47
Выложите пожалуйста:

CentOS 5.0
mcnelly 22.02.2014, 03:46
выкачал сам, могу выложить...
VDm 22.02.2014, 04:30
Ок, создавайте torrent и присоединяйте его к сообщению, Announce URL: ....
BLUD45 24.02.2014, 18:04
Здравствуйте я возможно не по теме но пожалуйста выложите карты которые крутятся на плее для игры Day of defeat буду благодарен
SUB ZERO 03.03.2014, 17:01
MOPS Linux 6.2 & Knoppix 5.3.1
по возможности
Firestarter 04.03.2014, 00:25
Разработчик: Canonical Ltd.
Размер: 4,28 GB
Заранее благодарюthank_you2
VDm 06.03.2014, 03:18
Здравствуйте я возможно не по теме но пожалуйста выложите карты которые крутятся на плее для игры Day of defeat буду благодарен
На трекере выкладывается только ПО
oym 09.03.2014, 23:18
господа, как на счет игры Nexuiz ?
Алексей Яшин 12.03.2014, 09:00
1) Для начала.;)
CAELinux 2008 .... (внешка), описание закачки.
Written by Administrator
Monday, 14 April 2008

After several months of development, we are very proud to release our new stable version of CAELinux, called CAELinux 2008.
As usual, this release contains many enhancements, new softwares and should give you a much better user experience.

CAELinux 2008 is based on the PCLinuxOs 2007 distribution with the latest updates and should support the most recent hardwares / chipset for a much better compatibility and ease of use. It now comes with a newer kernel in version with support for up to 4Gb Ram and 4 CPUs.

Additionnally, the release of CAELinux 2008 contains the new release of the GPL Salome_Meca 2008 package developed by EDF (and many others). This updated package represents the fusion of Code-Aster STA9.2 finite element solver and the Salome v3.2.9 CAD/Pre/Post GUI and allows to run a complete FEA study directly from the SALOME graphical user interface. Also, CAELinux 2008 is the first release to include a working and well integrated version of Code-Saturne v1.3.1 (CFD solver developed by EDF) which can be easily interfaced with many meshing and post pocessing programs. With these software, Open-Source FEA is making a jump in ease of use and gets always closer to commercial FEA & CFD codes!
CAELinux is an installable LiveDVD Linux distribution based on PcLinuxOs 2007: a user-friendly live Linux distribution, with enhanced hardware detection and a very efficient hard disk installer.
Contains the following CAE softwares:
Pre-post processors & CAD: Salome_Meca 2008, Salome v3.2.9, GMSH 2, Paraview, Visit, OpenDX, XMGrace, CGX, QCad
Finite Element solvers: Salome_Meca 2008, Code_Aster v9.2, Elmer v5.4, Tochnog, Calculix 1.7, Impact 0.75, getDP, Dynela,
Computationnal Fluid Dynamics: OpenFOAM v1.4.1, OpenFlower, latest release of Gerris flow solver and GFSView, Code-Saturne 1.3.1 with CFD analysis wizard and tutorial
Multibody dynamics : MBDyn, EasyAnim
Mathematics: GNU Octave (+OctaveForge), kOctave, Scilab, wxMaxima, R & Rkward.
Is provided with interactive flash tutorials, videos as well as examples to start learning how to use the included open-source softwares for realistic simulation
This new release includes ready-to-install packages for 3D accelerated video drivers (ATI & NVidia cards).
Available in two versions:
a LiveDVD ISO image to use or install the preconfigured Linux environment with optimum performance.
a VMWare virtual machine to use CAELinux environment directly from your current OS (Windows or Linux OS)
LiveDVD version
This LiveDVD distribution is based on a compressed file system on the DVD and requires that the system decompresses all the necessary softwares into RAM in order to run. In LiveDVD mode, a strict minimum of 512Mb is required to use this distribution for simple FE analysis. But you can create a Linux swap partition on one hard disk to help or choose the option to install the distribution to hard disk for optimal performance. However, 1Gb of RAM (or more) is highly recommended for every day work. At the moment most of the classical chipsets for Intel (P4, Pentium M, Core2Duo) and AMD (Athlon XP, Athlon 64, Athlon X2) platforms are supported with some exceptions especially concerning external USB modems, specific laptop devices (some wireless network cards) and very specific hardware like Raid controllers. For more help on hardware support / detection / troubleshooting, you should refer to PCLinuxOS forums : ....
First, download the ISO image from the link below. Then you should check the md5sum of your downloaded files to check if it is not corrupt: in Linux, use the "md5sum" command in a console, in Windows, you should download the "md5sum.exe" command line utility from here.
Burn the ISO image on a DVD+/-R/RW with your favorite DVD burner software. Be sure to select the "Burn Image" option in your DVD burning software. If unsure, read the help of your DVD burning software.
Download and read the "CAELinux 2007 Installation Manual "
Restart your PC, insert the LiveDVD and verify that your BIOS is configured to boot from CD/DVD drive.
Boot from the LiveDVD: you will see a boot menu with several options. Usually you don't need to select any special option here but if you have some problems during the boot process, some alternative options can be selected. For the moment, just press "Enter" to accept the default mode.
When the boot process is finished, you will need to login with the following account:
login = caelinux , password = caelinux (for normal every day use)
login = root , password = root (super administrator account for installation only)
When the KDE desktop is finally loaded, you can start your work as if you were running from an hard disk. Note that all the readable partitions of your HDD will be allready accessible (read-only for NTFS, read-write for FAT/ext2-3) and your USB key or external HDD will be recognized when you plugin it in (read-write access).
Now you can start your first tutorial on FE modelling with Salome_Meca: just click the "CAELinux Docs" link on the desktop, open "GettingStarted.html" and follow the first tutorial on the FE analysis of a 2-stroke engine piston (from a STEP CAD geometry).
VMWare version
The VMWare version of CAELinux 2008 requires a powerfull computer to run smoothly: at least a Pentium 4 3Ghz with 768Mb of RAM and 15Gb of free space on a FAT32, NTFS or EXT2/3 partition. To run the Virtual Machine, you will absolutely need the free VMWare Player or VMWare Workstation (>=5.0) and a recent version of WinRAR (3.x) to decompress the package.
First, download the RAR archive from the link below.
Decompress the archive (use for example WinRAR) in a partition with at least 15Gb of free space. This will create a directory named CAELinux2008.
If you don't have VMWare Workstation v5.0 or higher, download and install the free VMWare player.
Start VMWare Workstation or VMWare Player and open CAELinux VMWare machine (.vmx file) in your CAELinux2008 directory.

For the moment, a first documentation is available in the GettingStart.html & CAELinux 2007 Installation Manual file included in the distribution. Several tutorials, videos and examples are included on the distribution and also downloadable on the wiki
CAELinux2008 is available in two packages: the ISO image version to run as a LiveDVD or to install the system on a native partition or the Virtual Machine version to run CAELinux 2008 from within your current OS.

LiveDVD (ISO image):

Size: 2.46 Gb

MD5Sum: cd6bc3085ae8d4de3d287ee6d4ec6aa1

VMWare virtual machine (RAR archive):

Size: 1.92 Gb

MD5Sum: c2111eef079dfcacb8a7c5e9c6******2
Download links

Direct FTP / HTTP download : Please fill in the download form HERE

Last Updated ( Monday, 04 August 2008 )
Ссылка для закачки (внешка):
.... ....
CAELinux 2008 download mirrors

Main FTP mirror (Europe)

Direct links

CAELinux 2008 ISO image:
CAELinux 2008 VMWare archive:

Manual connection

server: caelinux.dyndns.org
username: cae-linux
password: salome
directory: /distrib/caelinux2008.1/

Bittorrent P2P downloads

Torrent file:
Tracker / stats:

Please we need your help to seed this torrents, be fare and try to share your downloaded files after the download is complete !!
If anyone has an unlimited web hosting and would like to help us, we would highly appreciate if you create a new download mirror.

2) По возможности создайте подраздел на трекере для CAx (для CAD, CAM, CAE софта)
VDm 13.03.2014, 00:37
господа, как на счет игры Nexuiz ?
.... 8cfdead9ac61d :)

Добавлено в 19:08. Предыдущее сообщение было написано в 19:04

CAE Linux я попробую скачать (сам заинтересовался, впервые вижу дистрибутив, заточенный под конкретные задачи в области CAE)

Насчет отдельного раздела на трекере я пока не уверен, слишком специфично это направление среди ПО, бесплатных программ не так много, и, что печально, все они зачастую сложнее в освоении, чем платные аналоги.
Optical eye 13.03.2014, 01:05
Из бесплатных DWG кадов полноценные - ProgeCAD LT2006 и ProgeCAD Smart. Последний даже лисп поддерживает.
Бесплатные для некоммерческого использования.
.... dbab49ec3270b

При установке инсталлятор сообщит, что версия устарела и нужно скачать новую версию. Проигнорируйте это и нажмите Back для продолжения установки.
Алексей Яшин 15.03.2014, 02:28
Рисование печатных плат.
Eagle - программа автотрассировщик печатных плат. Для начального уровня самое то. Схема и плата разделены (находятся в разных файлах).
Официальный сайт www.cadsoft.de .... (внешка).
EAGLE доступен для Windows, Linux и Mac платформ.
Freeware .... (внешка):
The EAGLE Light Edition can be used for free!
The following limitations apply to the EAGLE Light Edition in general:
The useable board area is limited to 100 x 80 mm (4 x 3.2 inches).
Only two signal layers can be used (Top and Bottom).
The schematic editor can only create one sheet.
Apart from these three limitiations the EAGLE Light Edition can do anything the Professional Edition can do. You can even load, view and print drawings that exceed these limits!

The Freeware version of EAGLE Light adds these limitations:
Support is only available via email or through our forum (no fax or phone support).
Use is limited to non-profit applications or evaluation purposes.

What does "non-profit" mean?
The definition of non-profit is fairly simple and straightforward:
If you earn (or save) money by using the Freeware version of EAGLE Light, you have to register it.
This allows anybody who wishes to use EAGLE Light for their private hobby projects to do so. Also students can use this version for any educational projects. It is even ok to use this version in a commercial environment, as long as you just want to evaluate the program. As soon as you start using it for commercial projects, you will have to register it. As an exception to this, board manufacturers may use the Freeware Light Edition to generate production data (e.g. Gerber files) from board files they have received from EAGLE users.

How do I get it?
Follow these steps to install the free EAGLE Light Edition on your system:
Go to the Download area and get the file that contains the EAGLE program installation data for your language (English or German) and your operating system (Linux, Windows or Mac).
Install the file you have downloaded onto your system.
When you first start EAGLE, you will be asked whether you have a personalized license disk, or whether you want to run EAGLE as Freeware. To use the Freeware license select the "Run as freeware" button.

Is it really useful?
Maybe you think the limitations of EAGLE Light won't allow you to do anything meaningful? Well, take a look at this 68HC12 board, which does not exceed the capabilities of EAGLE Light (in fact you can do even bigger boards than the one shown there).

How can I register/upgrade?
If your application exceeds the non-profit domain, or if you prefer to have a printed manual, CD-ROM and full support via phone or fax, you can register your program copy and receive your own, personalized license file. Any files you have created with the Freeware version of EAGLE Light can be used with any registered version of EAGLE Light, Standard or Professional. So if your project exceeds the limits of EAGLE Light, you can always go to a higher level (and you only have to pay the difference between what you have and what you are upgrading to).

You can register your program copy for US$ 49.- (ask your local dealer for prices in your local currency).
If you need more power than the Freeware version provides, maybe our Non-Profit License can be of interest to you.

The Freeware version of EAGLE Light is copyright protected software, © 2009 CadSoft Computer GmbH, all rights reserved worldwide. No part of the executable files that come with EAGLE nor the freeware.key file that implements the Freeware license may be altered in any way. CadSoft reserves the right to decide whether to continue this Freeware program with the future versions of EAGLE.Download .... (внешка):
Here you can find the latest version of EAGLE
Windows users please download the file
and run it. This self-extracting archive will guide you through the setup process.

Linux users please download the file
and run it. This self-extracting shell script will guide you through the setup process. You may need to click on the above link with the right mouse button and select "Save Link As...".

Mac users please download the file
and unzip it, which results in a Mac Installer. Run the installer to install EAGLE on your system.

Further download directories can be found here
Addendum - Important fixes that have been applied after the release of EAGLE version 5.0
Libraries - New and improved EAGLE part libraries
ULPs - User Language Programs
Projects - Projects from EAGLE users
Documentation - Various user provided documents (the official EAGLE manuals are contained in the above program installation files)
Miscellaneous - Various stuff

If you have files that you would like to share with other EAGLE users you can upload them.
Previous versions of EAGLE can be found at ....
The latest beta version of EAGLE can be found at .... для закачки:
Пользователям Windows загрузить файл eagle-win-5.4.0.exe ....
Пользователям Linux загрузить файл eagle-lin-5.4.0.run ....

Еще более простая программа Sprint Layout. Тоже есть автотрассировка (подходит для простой "ручной" трассировки ;)). Ограничена в бесплатной демо-версии: не сохраняет , не экспортирует и не печатает. С такими ограничениями для работы малополезна.

Delcam PowerSHAPE - современный гибридный моделировщик с твердотельным и поверхностным моделированием.
Твердотельное моделирование - это легкие и быстрые операции объединения, вычитания и пересечения.
Поверхностное моделирование - это неограниченная сложность пространственных элементов и уникальные возможности редактирования.
Сайт официального представительства компании Delcam в России: www.delcam.ru ....
PowerSHAPE-e Registration and Software Download Licence Agreement .... (внешка):
Please read the terms and conditions of this legal agreement before downloading any software from the Delcam Web Site. Your acknowledgement of the terms and conditions of this licence agreement and your use of the downloaded software signifies your acceptance of this licence agreement.
1) You acknowledge that the download software cannot be used until it is registered with Delcam plc. You will provide Delcam plc with accurate contact details prior to using the software.
2) You acknowledge that the downloaded software contains confidential information belonging to Delcam plc and all copyright, trademarks and other intellectual property rights in the software are the property of Delcam plc.
3) You agree that you will not alter the downloaded software or attempt to reverse engineer it.
4) You acknowledge that Delcam plc provides PowerSHAPE-e software as is and you receive no warranty as to the results or fitness for purpose of this software.
5) You acknowledge that Delcam shall have no liability for any loss or damage that you suffer as a result of using PowerSHAPE-e.
6) You acknowledge that you will abide by the software licence agreement contained within the Delcam Software that you chose to download. Please note that this agreement is a general document, used for all our products (most of which require payment). PowerSHAPE-e is a version of PowerSHAPE running in 'restricted mode' (the restrictions are described in Schedule A of the agreement). When reading sections that refer to licence fees, you will see that exclusions apply for products running in 'restricted mode' - so don't panic, the software really is free!Congratulations, you can now download your version of PowerSHAPE-e .... (внешка):
PowerSHAPE-e requires a password at runtime. This password will be e-mailed to you using the e-mail address you supplied during the registration process. If you do not receive your password e-mail within a few minutes please e-mail us and we will investigate. Please note that our offices are closed at weekends, so it may take us up to 48 hours to respond.

PowerSHAPE-e .... (Current version 8080 SP2 ) (redirects to Download.com)
Tutorials and Manuals .... (English)
Education Pack .... (English)
Download Delcam Exchange ....

If you need futher help with learning PowerSHAPE-e, please view the free tutorial videos.
For help, please contact us: download-support@delcam.com

The minimum Hardware requirements for PowerSHAPE-e are:
A Pentium PC with a minimum of 512 Mb RAM running Windows XP Professional.
We recommend a video card with 128Mb but lesser cards will work.

Please Note: PowerSHAPE-e will NOT run on Windows 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT or Vista Home Basic only (All other versions of Vista are compatible).Ссылки для закачки (внешка):
1) PowerShape-e 8080 SP2 .... HlZZfg-bu-fJQxzVIwRRH090rYy9xPyQZJF2bDyCq8igscMldbfWTJgt-br0oyeF5Hx7-e9j%2fsoftware%2f1******6%2f1******1%2f3%2fPowerSH APE-e8080-SP2-******1.exe%3flop%3dlink%26ptype%3d1901%26ontid%3d6 675%26siteId%3d4%26edId%3d3%26spi%3dd1cf2e82c081b6 5f6121fcb5******2%26pid%3d1******6%26psid%3d1******1) (120.62MB)
2) PowerSHAPE-e Tutorials and Manuals - English - Version 7440 .... (внешка, ссылки под спойлером):

All tutorials are version specific (current version 7440 ) and require PowerSHAPE7440 or PowerSHAPE 8080 to be installed first.
For users with the licenced version please install the tutorials from your DVD.

Textures and Designs ....
Jewellery Modelling ....
How to use the Solid Tree ....
Modelling a Hairdryer ....
Basic Line Creation & Entering Positions ....
Line & Arc Creation ....
2D Curve Editing ....
Fixing problems in imported models ....
Drafting ....
Modelling with Patterns and Morphing ....
PowerMILL Modelling - Surface Modelling ....
Parametised Assembly ....
Power Features ....
Click here to download the PowerSHAPE Help Manual .... Education Pack ....
4) Delcam Exchange 5.8 .... 3ehw77de-QjT8Y4K-peeBePILfHNAPcwH6H9jvITXZZQCSnG-7RCllfQxq58qdi3H95NFTdI%2fsoftware%2f1******4%2f1******2%2f3%2fExchange5******2_full.exe%3flop%3dlink% 26ptype%3d1901%26ontid%3d6677%26siteId%3d4%26edId% 3d3%26spi%3dc1ac308a60820c0e4c0ce2b6613ec687%26pid %3d1******4%26psid%3d1******2) (25.17MB)
Thank you, you can now download Exchange Exchange 5******2 .... (внешка):
Exchange Full Version (25.1 Mb) (redirects to Download.com) - All available translators includedThe minimum Hardware requirements for the Exchange:
A Pentium PC with a minimum of 128 Mb RAM running Microsoft Windows Windows XP Professional.
Please Note: Exchange is not supported on Windows 2000, 95, 98, Me, NT or Vista Home Basic only (All other versions of Vista are compatible).
An Open GL compliant graphics card is required: cards with current Nvidia GeForce chips are recommended.

For questions concerning the download version of Exchange, please consult our FAQ section or contact us: exchange@delcam.com. If you currently use Exchange frequently on a pay-per-translation basis, you may wish to open an account with us. You will receive a discount on translations by opening an account with us and be able to generate vouchers without having to enter your credit card details each time. For more information please click here

Exchange contains a free viewer, but for more functionality, you may wish to use Exchange in conjunction with Delcam's free PowerSHAPE-e, so that you can open, view, measure shade and analyse all available files as well as translate them. Click here to download your free version of PowerSHAPE-e!

Our full licence customers can also download PSX-Batch, A batch file translation utility that works with Exchange. For this option to work you must be a Delcam customer with a valid PAF for the translator you are using, vouchers cannot be used with this option.

Disclaimer: Downloading these files signifies your acceptance of these terms.
oym 15.03.2014, 21:51
.... 8cfdead9ac61d :)

большое человеческое спасибо!!

oym 08.04.2014, 05:15
господа, продолжаем тему игрушек под линух.
по возможности добавьте на трекер Cube 2: Sauerbraten ....

меня лично интересует версия для линукс .... z2) (344 Мб)
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